Computer viruses

Computer viruses


Malware means malicious software. It is any program created by a hacker or programmer in such a way that when it will be executed in a computer system it will lead to abnormal behaviour of the machine.
For example Deletion of files, Hiding Data, Creation of new folder,switching on of webcam and many more things. Malwares include virus, worms, keyloggers, trojans, adware,ransomware, rootkit. We are now going to discuss all these in brief.

Types of computer viruses..

Virus –

A virus is a very common type of malware. Normally viruses are those computer codes which are attached to other executable files etc. so that they can be executed when the user double clicks on the executable file to which the virus is attached.
Virus will not come into action till the user executes the file to which the virus is attached. Virus can not transfer itself from one PC to another automatically, it needs a

medium, it can be transferred by USB drive, E-mails etc.


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Worms –

Worms are another kind of malware similar to Virus. However worms differ from viruses because unlike viruses worms can travel in a network without any human aid. They do this by exploiting some already existing vulnerability in the system.They can be more harmful than viruses as they replicate without human
intervention thus rate of replication is very high. Worms “eat” files and replicate. Sometimes worms are so dangerous that we get a message – “OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND”

Keyloggers –

This is a kind of malware that records the keystrokes that are entered by the user from a keyboard on a computer infected by a keylogger.

If you are working on a computer that is infected by a keylogger then all the chats that you’re doing and all the E-mails, passwords that you enter throughout the day are being recorded with the hacker.
Mostly all the keyloggers are paid, however there are a few keyloggers that are available for free with less functionality. One such example is revealer keylogger free version.

Adware –

This is a kind of malware that shows you unwanted advertisement after you open your web browser and they earn money from it. The advertising companies collect data from your browsing history, cookies etc and then shows you the advertisements according to your interests.

Ransomware –

Ransomware is a dangerous malware that can encrypt your files and lock your computer. It is used by hackers to exploit the public by infecting their computer systems with ransomware. The hackers demand money from public in order to unlock their computers and decrypt the files stored on the machine. All the ransom that the hacker asks has to be paid in cryptocurrency like bitcoins as there is no one monitoring them. Recently there was a very popular ransomware known as WannaCry. It gave people a limited time to make the payment else
their computer will be completely locked. Imagine a situation where a company’s accounts department PC’s are infected with ransomware. It is the worst situation as the PC has a lot of critical information, so the company has to pay the ransom asked by the hacker at any cost.
These Ransomware usually spread through malicious links provided by E-mails or messages.



MY advice : ​

Always you should backup your system. You can use cloud services such as google drive and also you can
transfer a copy of all your data to a hard disk. These preventive steps need to be taken if you want to be safe from such kind of ransomwares. If you are infected with a ransomware and don’t want to pay money to the hacker so the only way left is to format your computer system completely.
Never open links from untrusted sources however urgent the
subject of the mail may seem.

Rootkits –

Those malware that once installed in a computer act as a backdoor. They provide full administrative control to the hacker. Rootkit is made up of two words ‘Root’ which is the most powerful user in unix, you can run any command if you are a root user and ‘kit’ which is a complete package. It is a combination of different softwares that give root access to the hacker.


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