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Bluetooth is it safe? – Bluetooth is a useful technology as we can transfer files over a network to someone without any internet access. Bluetooth is short range wireless technology which is used to transfer files over a fixed range using UHF which are given by the ism for communication from 2.402 ghz to 2.48 ghz and build personal area network. Bluetooth uses radio waves for the transfer of files unlike cables and other means of sharing data. So there is a chance of manipulation of data or hack of data if the attacker has full information how bluetooth works and how he can hack into peoples network but there are security measures that can help users to protect there data and themselves when they use there devices. Also organizations and institutions started to make there bluetooth drivers safe with mitigations! How contacts hacking works? – As i said before…

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Hii Guys So Finally i am here to tell you guys how you can install adv-phishing-github   Adv phishing github We will use the github to clone the tool in your device it will run on pc and on mobile too. OTP Bypass Phishing Tool   AdvPhishing is a phishing apparatus which permits the client to get to accounts via web-based media regardless of whether two-factor verification is enacted. It permits the client to acquire the objective’s username, secret word and most recent one-time secret word (OTP) continuously as the objective is signing in. Notwithstanding this the client can utilize the tool to get the objective’s IP address. AdvPhishing is accessible on both Android and Linux. Features: 1. Produces life-like versions of popular websites. 2. 15 different websites included in the current release. 3. Easy to use Tested on: 1. Kali Linux – 2020.1a (version) 2. Parrot OS – Rolling Edition…

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man in the middle attack

Hii Guys Take a look at this movie if you like hacking! Hacking is an immense field of technology. Many Peoples are interested in these types of movies. So Chaliye shuru karte hai !   The first movie in our countdown is my fav.   Who am i.  Great movie plz watch this movie. Download it in 720 p Who Am I (German: Who Am I – Kein System ist sicher; English: “Who Am I: No System Is Safe”) is a 2014 German techno-spine chiller movie coordinated by Baran bo Odar.[2][3] It is focused on a PC programmer bunch in Berlin outfitted towards worldwide fame.[4] It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema area at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival.[5] The film was shot in Berlin and Rostock.[6] Because of its storyline and a few components, the film is regularly contrasted with Fight Club and Mr. Robot. Benjamin Engel,…

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